Well, I guess I’ll start here

I’d like to begin by ranting just a little bit. If you can imagine with me for a second, I am a little bit angry at having been lift here in the past as a practical joke. And now 30 years later I am old, tired, and just a little bit of a cranky future man.

I mean seriously. For 30 years I have lived 300 years in the past without any of the comforts of the future. Have you ever traveled by car? I mean what is this silly invention you guys putz around in. Spewing filth everywhere it goes. And talk about slow!

And the people! All so old fashioned and cranky. All worries about every little thing! I’d like to see any of you fend of an Ecklminian Plasma Grunt with nothing but your bare hands and a pocket pen light phaser.

I guess I will just have to keep trying to rebuild my Mendlivian Echo Transmitter to communicate with the future and get back home.

Until then – please don’t bother me,