Oh how weird and wonderful is the planet “Ecklmin 7g”. You can always find the best Crawbillian Gash there, but you might die trying to get it.


“Ecklmin 7g” is a medium green planet orbiting around the star ‘Equilminius’ in the ‘Cromwillian’ system. It is approximately 7 light years away, and can be reached easily by medium class space cruiser.

Composition and Structure

Like most of the other planets, ‘Ecklmin 7g’ has a range 10 breathable atmosphere. The density of the planet is about 1.9 tarrzacks, and the gravity is about 0.8 eg.

The planet rotates pretty quickly around the start ‘Equilminius’, in about 187 planetary days. It also spins quicker on it’s axis than most planets (about 14,5 earth hours). It spins so fast in fact, most travelers end up feeling like they are losing their dehydrated space creams when they first arrive on the surface.

One thing that doesn’t help is the smell – which reaches your nose kind of like an electrode to the nose. It kind of smells like a mix between Chunguish urine, and a really strong white wine spritzer. But don’t worry, once your nose starts to bleed you can’t really smell it anymore.

Planet Activities

Once you have hurled your rations, and gotten through the foul odor, the fun truly begins.

You see – ‘Ecklmin 7g’ is what the big whig folk like to call a class ‘P’ planet, and the ‘P’ stands for PARTY! The native culture of the planet exists to live the good life all the time. Oh how few problems every one has when you have a drink in your hand all the time. I imagine it is probably quite a bit like a frat party you have here in the past except everyone there can hold their booze.


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